It is important to us what our patients think of our service, and we encourage everyone to leave feedback wherever possible.

What our patients have said

Jane - October 2019

Was able to build a good rapport with ***and felt supported. Not had this experience of therapy in the past. Very happy with my experience at Good Day Therapy. Thank you.

John - October 2019

This therapy has improved me as a person, It has brought me back to life after feeling low in mood and anxiety for so long. I felt comfortable from the off with *** my therapist. I would recommend this service to others in the same position to me and nothing could be improved on.

Paul - July 2019

I have enjoyed coming to the sessions,I feel I understand my difficulties much more and I am grateful, thanks for all your help.

Alan - June 2019

I’ve learned a lot about myself and its really helped focusing on me rather than just past traumas.

Mary - March 2019

My therapist was ****** and she was really supportive and informative on each session. I never felt judges and always felt I was able to open up to her with my problems to get the best results for my mental wellbeing. Really pleased CBT is there as it has really helped with my coping techniques.

Shelly - March 2019

****** has been great in every aspect in helping me and I am very grateful for all she has taught me.

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